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3 ways to Avoid Major Engine Damage

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3 ways to Avoid Major Engine Damage

Engine damage is a problem no car owner wants to encounter because of the cost of working on it or changing the entire engine-it could be very inconvenient to any car owner. The good news is that you can avoid major engine damage by paying attention to the behaviour of your car while driving it or have a routine.

At Lubcon Limited, we want to make sure all car owners possess the quality information to get their engine running smoothly and do have a long life span.

1. Engine Oil Levels

The oil in your engine plays a vital role in the smooth running of the engine and preserving its life. Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine so they avoid wear and tear as a result of friction and overheat that the engine must have caused. 

Filling an engine with any oil can go a long way in causing havoc to the smooth running of the engine because they could be low-quality lubricants.


To avoid a situation where your gauge is indicating a low engine oil level in your engine, have a one-minute early morning engine routine check-up, so you could spot whenever this occurs and refill before taking the car out or you could spot a linkage somewhere and may need the help of an automobile expert to fix it before taking is out. One minute check-up can save you thousands of Naira in fixing or changing your part of your engine.

In addition, avoid buying low-quality oil lubricant you come across because it is cheap or you feel it is just brand name, it affects engines in the long run and, unlike lubcon oil, which is a high-quality lubricant and can be found across Nigeria and overseas.

2. Pay attention to Indicators

The automobiles being produced nowadays come with lots of warning lights than their predecessors and ignoring these icons can be the difference between a damaged engine and a long-lasting working one.

 If you’re faced with an unfamiliar warning light, please park your car in a safe place and check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what it means, which may help you find a solution to the problem or you call an expert to help take a look.

*Note*Some warnings need far more urgent attention than others.

3. Overheating Engine

The work of a coolant system is to keep the engine of your car at an adequate temperature level because the combustion that goes on inside gasoline engines can create enough heat to melt and warp the metal which could create engine problems. 

One work of the cooling system is to keep it from overheating by moving excess heat from the engine block and dissipating it. So, if your coolant is leaking/damaged it will cause the engine to overheat.

The engine in a car runs best at a fairly high temperature-not too cold and not too hot because when the engine is too cold, components inside too wear out faster, and makes the engine less efficient and will emit more pollution than usual.

Coolants do have another job as to cooling an engine which is to heat up an engine faster than usual while keeping it at a constant temperature.


The best way to avoid an overheating engine is to also check the water level in your radiator every morning before driving the car- having a one-minute check every day and also check that the engine fans are working properly.

In a scenario where you are currently driving and the temperature gauge has reached a critical level it’s best to pull over and stop driving immediately.

In another situation where the coolant is dumping out under the car, it’s better to turn the engine off because a gauge showing a high temperature is a serious problem that needs an expert on-site. We recommend calling an expert to have a look so to give it a lasting solution.


Paying attention to your gauge alone might not do the trick in keeping your engine in good condition-your gauge may be having an electrical problem you aren’t aware of, so make a routine morning checkup before taking out the car i.e engine oil, coolant, brake oil, engine, etc.


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