• 1. What is Lubcon online about?
    Lubcon online marketplace is the official store for Lubcon International Ltd. It is a Business-to-Consumer e-commerce site that enables anyone from anywhere in Nigeria and from around the world to purchase different lubcon products online.
  • 2. Do I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?
    No, it is not compulsory to register with the lubcon shopping website before you can purchase your product.
  • 3. What type of products do Lubcon store sell online?

    Our products are :

    • Automobiles Fluids: Gear Lubricants, Transmission Fluids and Greases
    • Heavy.Duty Motor lubricants
    • Motorcycles and Tricycles Lubricants
    • Synthetic Lubricants- semi-synthetic and full synthetic oil
    • Engine Oil Additives like the nano engine treatment
  • 4. Is my information safe?

    Yes, it is; our website uses an SSL connection. Whatever you fill in your billing form cannot be seen or saved by us, or a third party.

  • 5. Why my card payment is failing?
    Your card can fail for various reasons, such as:
    • Incorrect payment information
    • Bad Network connection from your bank
    • An expired or deactivated Debit card
    • Your Purchase bill exceeds your account balance.
  • 6. Am I billed as soon as I join Lubcon online?
    No, you will need to check out your purchase and fill in your card details.
  • 7. Why should I subscribe newsletter?

    Subscribing to our newsletter gives you direct information on any discounts/offers available on any of our products.

  • 8. What is nano-oil?

    The engine of a car suffers from wear and tear when in operation. While nano-oil doesn’t just lubricate the engine of a vehicle, it also repairs these torn parts.

  • 9. How much is nano-oil in Nigeria?

    Our nano oil starts from ₦2240 ( 1 litre -Super Resurs)

  • 10. Where can I buy nano-oil in Nigeria?

    You can buy nano-oil from the Lubcon online store or any numerous outlets across the country.

  • 11. What is a resurs next?

     It is an anti-wear /restoration additive, that is, it is meant to be mixed with any quality oil.

  • 12. How much is a carton of resurs next in Nigeria?

    A carton of resurs-next starts from 544,000.00

  • 13. Where can i buy engine oil in Lagos
    Get top quality oil in Lagos from the Lubcon store and get it delivered to your door.
  • 14. What engine oil do i need?
    For a diesel and gasoline vehicle, any of our nano-products will do the trick.
  • 15. Which engine oil is the best in Nigeria?
    Nano is the next-generation lubricant produced by Lucon. This top-quality engine oil can be bought at the Lubcon online store or any of our numerous outlets across the country.
  • 16. Which is better for an engine, single grade or multi-grade oil?
    Generally, multigrade oil has more benefits than monograde but still depends on the one your O.E.M suggests. Most new cars nowadays are multigrade, meaning they can be used in both summer, and winter without losing their shape. If your O.E.M recommends you use monograde, stick to it because you can damage your car engine if you switch to multigrade oil.
  • 17. Where is lubcon located at?
    Lubcon has branches in Niger, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Liberia and Nigeria. Its headquarters is located in Ilorin, Nigeria.