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5 Engine oil refilling tips to optimize engine performance.

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5 Engine oil refilling tips to optimize engine performance.

5 Engine oil refilling tips to optimize engine performance.

To guarantee maximum efficiency and life expectancy, it’s important to follow these engine oil refilling tips to optimize engine performance when adding new oil to your engine.

1. Mistaken Oil Type

The selection of the right automotive oil is paramount in safeguarding your engine. Using an incorrect oil type can result in severe damage, impacting the engine’s lubrication, and causing increased friction and wear. It is imperative to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to ascertain the correct viscosity and oil specifications. This manual serves as a guide to understanding the unique requirements of your engine, enabling you to make an informed choice when selecting oil. Following manufacturer recommendations ensure that your engine receives the appropriate lubrication, promoting longevity and efficiency.

2. Overfilling

Adding an excessive amount of oil to your engine is a common mistake that can have detrimental consequences. Overfilling increases internal pressure, leading to potential issues such as leaks, foaming, and damage to seals. To avoid this, it is essential to determine the correct quantity of oil required for your engine. This can be achieved by checking the dipstick or referring to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Precision in oil levels is crucial for optimal engine performance and preventing unnecessary wear and tear which would enhance vehicle performance and longevity on Nigeria roads.

3. Unclean Oil or Filter

The presence of dirt or debris in the oil poses a significant threat to your engine’s health. It is imperative to ensure that both the pouring funnel and the oil are free from contaminants. Using a dirty funnel or introducing impure oil can compromise the oil’s efficiency in lubricating and cooling the engine components. Regularly inspect and clean the pouring equipment to prevent foreign particles from entering the engine. A clean environment during the oil replenishing process is essential for maintaining the overall health of your engine.

4. Not Changing the Oil Filter

It is a common behaviour among automobile owners to neglect oil filter changes, the negligence in replacing the oil filter during an oil change can undermine the quality of the new oil. Over time, oil filters accumulate debris, reducing their effectiveness in filtering impurities. A compromised oil filter can allow contaminants to circulate within the engine, leading to increased wear and reduced performance. It is crucial to adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule for oil filter replacement. This ensures that the filtration system remains efficient, preserving the integrity of the new oil and promoting optimal engine function.

5. Ignoring Proper Temperature

Allowing the engine to cool down before refilling the oil is a step often overlooked but of utmost importance. Hot oil poses safety risks, and attempting to refill the oil in a heated engine may result in improper drainage and inaccurate oil level readings. Checking the oil level when the engine is cold provides a more accurate measurement, preventing potential errors. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding temperature for checking and refilling the oil to maintain the accuracy of the oil level and ensure the safety of the refilling process.

In conclusion, including these engine oil refilling tipsto maximise performance can significantly contribute to the health and longevity of your engine. By using a good quality engine oil like lubcon oil,and  following proper procedures and manufacturer guidelines, you not only ensure the optimal functioning of your vehicle but also extend its overall lifespan. Regular maintenance, attention to detail, and adherence to recommended practices are key to a healthy and efficient engine.


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