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Product Specifications – Resurs Next :

  • Product Name: Resurs Next¬†
  • Brand: Lubcon International
  • Application: Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Benefits: Reduces fuel consumption, enhances engine performance, extends engine life
  • Package Contents: 1 bottle of Resurs Next¬† (250ml)

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Resurs Next Engine Additive: Fuel Consumption Reduction

Revitalize your engine and achieve remarkable fuel efficiency with Resurs Next Engine additive, exclusively brought to you by Lubcon International. Designed to be the ultimate solution for engine care, this advanced additive reduces fuel consumption while providing unparalleled protection and enhancing overall engine performance.

Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, Resurs Next is engineered to optimize fuel combustion, leading to significant reductions in fuel consumption. Experience savings at the pump and do your part for the environment without compromising on your vehicle’s performance.

Resurs Next Engine additive’s cutting-edge formula is designed to address common engine issues and extend engine life. By forming a durable and heat-resistant layer on friction surfaces, this additive reduces wear and minimizes engine noise. Say goodbye to unnecessary engine maintenance expenses and enjoy a smoother, quieter ride.


The benefits of Resurs Next extend beyond fuel efficiency and engine protection. This engine additive also improves power delivery, throttle response, and responsiveness. Enjoy a more dynamic driving experience and increased confidence on the road.

Using Resurs Next Engine additive is simple and hassle-free. Just add the contents of one 250ml bottle to your engine oil during an oil change, and let the advanced formula work its magic. It is recommended for regular use during each oil change to maintain optimal engine performance.

Lubcon International takes pride in providing high-quality products that meet rigorous standards. Resurs Next Engine additive is no exception, offering the best engine care and performance enhancement for your valuable vehicle.

Unlock the full potential of your engine and reduce fuel consumption with Resurs Next Engine additive. Buy now and experience the difference in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, engine performance, and longevity. Trust Lubcon International for superior engine additives and take your driving experience to new heights.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Nice buy and cheaper than what i saw else where.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Arrived well packaged, the product marches the description, I recommend seller

  • Does resurs next work with a base oil?
    Yes, it does.
  • What engine oil can i mix with resurs next?
    You can mix reurs next with any engine oil but mixing it with a quality oil will do a better job.
  • How to use Resurs Next?
    Mixed one cup to two cups with any oil (depending on the volume of the oil) and pour into your engine.
  • What is Resurs Next?
    Resurs next is an oil additive used to preserve engine life.
  • What are the benefits of Resurs next?
    • Increases engine life.
    • Reduces fuel consumption.
    • Reduced engine noise.
    • Significantly reduces or totally eliminates oil shortage et.c
  • Where can i buy Resurs Next from?
    You can buy resurs next from and get it delivered to your door ste.