Rugged 4x4 Engine Oil

Rugged 4×4-20w50 (5 litres)

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The benefits of RUGGED 4X4 engine oil include;

Low fuel consumption

Prevents friction that leads to wear and tear

Gives your engine components a long life span

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It is a semi-synthetic base engine oil formulated with extremely well-formulated addictive packages. It is recommended for gasoline and diesel vehicles. This product has a very high resistance against oxidation, ensures engine protection, and meets a variety of specifications.

Lubcon Rugged 4×4 is an engine oil designed for use on stroke, stationary engines produced by Lubcon and can be bought on Lubcon store. It is a carefully selected additive that contributes to engine cleanliness and durability and provides reliable protection against sludge formation and wears. This oil has optimum fluidity at low temperatures and stable viscosity at high temperatures.

Click Here For ==> RUGGED 4X4-20w50  (1 Litres)

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